Reiki with Beth Renning

Reiki is life force energy, and a Japanese technique spiritually guided for stress reduction and relaxation, that supports and promotes healing.

A few minutes of Reiki treatment can make a difference in how you think and feel, as well as how your body functions.

What happenes when I receive a Reiki treatment?
While relazing in a chair, or on a massage table, a trained Reiki practitioner gently places their hands on or just above your body. Healing engergy is transmitted through the hands, but is not guided by the practitioner. The energy has its own innate wisdom to guide iteself.

A Reiki session may help ease tension and stress and may help support the body to facilitate an environement for healing on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. A session is pleasant and relazing and is most often utilized for one’s own personal wellness and to reduce the effects of stress. In addition to receiving sound in a passive manner, clients are taught how to use these tools for meditation, healing, accessing inner wisdon and intuition.

Session can vary in length, with 60 minutes being typical. Beth also draws on Shamanic practies and intuitive guidance.

Call or email Beth to schedule.
Exchange: $65 for 45 minutes, $85 for 60 minutes, $100 for 90 minutes

Cell: 518-888-6748

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