• Al Sayegh

    Al Sayegh

    Al Sayegh began his yogic path in 2000 by discovering his spiritual journey thru Kundalini Yoga. In 2013 he was blessed in completing his Kundalini Teacher certification under the guidelines of KR.

    He is grateful for learning under the guidance of these beautiful teachers, Guru Dharam, Siri Sat Kaur & Mahan Rishi. Besides his thirst for yoga he has utilized his photographic prowess, for over 30 years, to shoot over 150 of the world’s top musicians and celebrities. His work has appeared in numerous publications including ShowBusiness, People and USA Today, on CD covers, websites and in other medium. The spiritual name given to Al is Anand Dev Singh, which means, the Lion who is blessed within his divine self the bliss of being one with God. Al has now felt the calling to bring Kundalini Yoga to the mountaintop and to share with all who seek a beautiful fine-tuning of our minds, body & soul.

    Cell 516-355-1016

  • Nicole Sansone

    Nicole Sansone

    I received my teaching certification in 2008 from The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute with Beryl Bender Birch.

    I continue to seek out different teachers, workshops, and new experiences to further my growth as a lifelong student and teacher. I fell in love with Yoga after my very first class with Heidi Ruehlmann in beautiful Windham NY somewhere around 1998. I am blessed to be working with her years later as the director of the Mountain Breeze Yoga studio in Ashland NY- right down the road from Windham Mountain.

    My classes are alignment based, fun artistic expressions that combine various styles and techniques of yoga woven together with the transformative power of the breath. My students are encouraged to tap inward throughout the practice to fully awaken and explore feeling open, more mindful, and gratitude for all that is. I believe that yoga can meet anyone as they are, where they are, and help to uncover more potential, strength, and beauty.

    I am truly grateful for my amazing family and friends as well as all the other teachers I have had on and off the mat.

    Cell 518-588-3195

  • Jeanne Licurse

    Jeanne Licurse came to yoga through her love of natural healing and holistic education. As a Montessori teacher she recognized and valued the intelligent conversation, the nurturing environment and the remarkable sense of well being that yoga provides. With her love of dance and movement Jeanne’s physical practice became poetry in motion and in 2009 she completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher’s training at Saraswati’s in Norwalk CT and the Yoga in Schools Teacher Training at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

    Jeanne engages her students in a rich, energetic practice with warmth, enthusiasm and humor while offering adjustments and gentle modifications. She teaches with a playful heart and a calming connection to her students. Jeanne carefully weighs and measures the rigor of a vigorous vinyasa and the sweetness of restorative poses. Students are empowered to embrace strength and grace through conscious alignment form and mind-ful alignment action.

    Jeanne’s philanthropic heart inspired her to start a non-profit company, Abeille Consultant’s Inc. which is dedicated to teaching yoga, natural gourmet culinary classes and the creative arts to people of all ages and athletic abilities. For more information visit Abeille-inc.org. Jeanne is presently studying for her 500 TT at Kripalu.

    Cell 203-218-9136

  • Christina Steen

    Christina is inspired by yoga to live each moment more mindfully while keeping her body healthy and strong. Her introduction to yoga was a prenatal class she took when she was pregnant with her daughter 18 years ago. Christina has since fallen in love with yoga and she wants to share it with anyone interested in giving it a try. She is committed to making her classes engaging and nurturing for all, and more challenging for those up for the task. She finds yoga to be a very personal, non-competitive practice; instead of looking for a perfect pose, she hopes you leave the mat feeling more nourished and balanced within.

    Cell 845-417-8500

  • Vicki Thompson –  in memory of

    I began my practice yoga in 2005 while living in Lake Tahoe, CA. However, yoga really resonated during 2010. I remember being in a class with a teacher, Nancy Vahling, and taking a journey through class with movement, music and story. This was when I knew that yoga was what I needed regularly in my life. I received my Power Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2013 through CorePower Yoga.  I moved back to NY and began taking classes of Nicole Sansone and when the time was right I began to teach with the encouragement of Nicole and Al Sayegh.

    Now I get to share the gift with others in the place I grew up in and it’s incredibly special. I love stories and music and share them in my power yoga classes. Stories and music help ground people and create a journey though the movement. The combination of all three relinquishes an experience of the body and mind. I hope to continue to learn and evolve my teaching through other teachers near and far.

  • Nicole Buono

    “It was love at first Sun Salutation”

    I came to my mat about 10 years ago, tagging along with my mom to my first ever yoga class, and shortly after… I was hooked! Coming from an athletic background, I was always looking for new ways to challenge myself, and yoga did that and so much more. As I began to regularly practice, I was able to build a relationship between my body and mind, to create the needed space to help me overcome any obstacles that came my way.

    In 2017 I embarked on my 200 Hr Training at Shakti Yoga in Woodstock, NY and really began to dig deeper into my practice. I love to offer up creative sequencing, along with a touch of playfulness and a dash of inspiration. My hope is that you always step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. I am so grateful to be able to teach in the Catskills, a place that holds such a special place in my heart and cannot wait to share my practice with each and everyone of you.

    Cell 845-943-8139

  • Beth Rennig

    Beth Rennig is a certified Reiki Master Teacher working with adults, children, and pets.
    Her life’s work is to help others reach better health and wellness using the Reiki energy healing, sound therapy, as well as manifestation and intention setting, in a safe and supportive environment.
    Reiki helps you let go of what is no longer serving you,
    and make a path for a new you.

    If you are ready to invite change and healing into your life, contact Beth to schedule a session.

    Find out more about Reiki, and Beth Rennig, visit:
    Website: www.peakhealingny.com
    Email: BethR4848@gmail.com

    Cell 518-888-6748

  • Billie Chernicoff

    Yoga is self awakening. With the practice of yoga, we become more observant, more compassionate, and more at ease. Along the way, we develop strength, balance, and flexibility.

    I first encountered yoga as a teenager, practicing from a book called Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha,by Satyananda Saraswati. Since then, I’ve studied with many gifted and generous teachers. My teaching has been especially influenced by vinyasa yoga, which flows from pose to pose, and viniyoga, a very individualized, healing approach to yoga. Both practices are centered on the breath. I earned my yoga teacher certification at Kripalu in 2006, and have been teaching (and learning) since.

    My classes begin with the development of a rhythmic, relaxed breath and a series of stretches to awaken the body and quiet the mind. We do about an hour of asanas, a journey of yoga poses and counterposes, that includes breathing practices. We move through supine, seated, hands and knees, and standing postures, inhabiting each one fully and moving on. There is room to practice gently and to challenge oneself. We end each class with a deep rest.

    I offer instructions for alignment and modifications for each pose, encouraging students to be attentive to their own experience.  We cultivate both stability and lightness of being.

    The moments of stillness and freedom we experience on the mat expand into our lives. Yoga calms the fluctuations of the mind,Patanjali says in the Yoga Sutras. His brief, ancient description of yoga, sthira-sukham asanam,means to abide resolutely in a good place, or translated even more simply: presence, steady and sweet.

    Beginning and experienced students are welcome in my classes. If you are new to yoga, or have health concerns, and have questions about joining in, feel free to call me.

    Cell: 413-717-0910